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Mosquitoes are lured in by heat, sweat, and chemicals found in the breath. When you gather a group of people to have a good time, mosquitoes are eager to come and crash the party. However, when you take preventive action, it’s easy to stop pests from ruining your event.

Let the team at Mosquito Squad South Richmond help you make your next wedding, graduation party, pool party, family get-together, or other special event mosquito-free!

Mosquito Squad Treatment Process

We start the process with a quick chat on the phone where we collect info about your property, explain our treatment options, then schedule the treatment. We want to be respectful of your venue, potential catering concerns, and guest arrival, so scheduling the treatment 24 to 72 hours before the event is ideal.

From here, our Mosquito Squad technicians come to your property to apply our industry-exclusive blend of products in areas of your yard where mosquitoes and other pests feed and gather. Our technicians will scout the area and be considerate of where tents, food and tables will be set up. Our highly effective treatments will ensure pests are kept away from your event and won’t cause a disruption.

We offer traditional as well as all-natural treatment solutions that are EPA-approved and can effectively rid your property of 90% of pests. Additionally, it usually takes us 15-20 minutes to apply treatment on average-sized lawns. 30 minutes after treatment, the area is ready for use, and you’ll be able to resume any setup prior to your big day.

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